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AYURVEDIC CONSULTATION   Includes a thorough health intake, evaluation and pulse diagnosis to determine your unique constitution (body type) according to traditional Ayurvedic principles. Specific lifestyle and dietary recommendations will be offered. This includes a follow-up appointment.
90 minutes + 60 minute follow-up session $185

60 minutes $80

ABHYANGA MASSAGE   Two therapists luxuriously massage warm herbal oil into the entire body, using long flowing strokes and Marma points, leaving you cleansed, relaxed, nourished and rejuvenated.
60 minutes Two therapists $165
90 minutes One therapist $130

ABHYANGA WITH SWEDANA   Ayurvedic massage followed by a traditional steam bath with aromatherapy to further detoxify the body.
60 minutes Two therapists $195

THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE   Massage specifically designed to address your individual concerns, including tension, accidents or injuries. Therapies utilized include Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Polarity Therapy, Neuromuscular Therapy or Thai Yoga Massage.
60 minutes One therapist $90
90 minutes One therapist $130
120 minutes One therapist $170

MARMA CHIKITSA   A specialized session utilizing traditional Ayurvedic pressure points called marmas which activate the energy pathways corresponding to the different organs, tissues, and the mind.  Specific essential oils are applied on the points to activate the body's innate healing energy.
60 minutes One therapist $90

SHIRODHARA BLISS THERAPY   A continuous pouring of warm herbal oil over the third eye center and forehead that induces a deeply relaxing and blissful state of consciousness. This treatment includes massage to the scalp, face, neck, hands and feet. Come experience why we call this "bliss therapy".
90 minutes One therapist $140

FOOT REFLEXOLOGY   The treatment begins with an aromatherapy foot bath. Pressure points on the foot are activated which correspond to every part of the body, speeding the healing process. You'll leave feeling that your entire body has been addressed.
60 minutes One therapist $90

NETRA BASTI  The Traditional Ayurvedic eye treatment involving bathing the eyes in ghee to relieve eye tension, improve vision, and soothe the nervous sytem. Brings radiant luster to the eyes and face. Great for reducing eye strain after long hours at the computer.
60 minutes One therapist $90

Ayurvedic Packages

PANCHAKARMA   Panchakarma uses full body massage with warm, herbalized infused oils, herbal steam baths, salt scrubs, and a number of other ancient healing therapies which, when taken in a specific sequence, gently and effectively purify the body. This cleansing approach is unique to Ayurveda. 5-7 days of deeply cleansing/rejuvenating treatments individualized for your specific needs.
Approximately $425 per day

DAY OF AYURVEDIC REJUVENATION   Your Day of Ayurvedic Rejuvenation begins with two therapists massaging you simultaneously with warm oil, followed by an aromatherapy steam bath. Next, an herbal body paste is worked into the body to promote circulation, remove toxins, and soothe the skin. Finally, you will receive a warm oil Shirodhara treatment. After you are fully rejuvenated you will be served Ayurvedic tea and snacks.
3 hours Two therapists $315
3½ hours One therapist $275


One therapist $200

Fremont location offers: Ayurvedic Consultation, EFT, Marma Chikitsa, Shirodara Bliss Therapy, and Netra Basti
West Seattle location offers: Ayurvedic Massage, Swedana, Shirodara Bliss Therapy, and Day of Rejuvenation

Cancellation policy:  Please note ~ we appreciate hearing from you at least 24 hours before your scheduled appointment if you need to reschedule or cancel.  Otherwise you will be charged the full amount of your session.  Thank you for understanding. 

We accept payment by cash or check only