"This is one of the best Ayurvedic centers in the area! Two female practitioners trained by Vasant Lad, who are Ayurvedic Practitioners, massage therapists and can really get you balanced! The prices are right, the intentions are good, and best of all - it's ALL ABOUT YOU. These girls' hearts are in the right place, as is the price for your budget."

Rebecca R., Yoga Instructor
Seattle, WA

"Thank you, thank you, you two beautiful shining lights. Your work is exquisite - and the afterglow is divine. What an absolute pleasure to share in the treasures of Shirodhara with you. Warm blessings to you."

Julie and Matt, Spiritual Healers
Seattle, WA

"Thank you so much for what you have shared with us. You came and taught us how to live a Life in Balance and started us off with a clean slate - I feel so 'clean', all my experience of life and self are fresh and new. What a gift."

Annie B., Massage Therapist
Onalaska, WA

"Words cannot express the power of my massage experience on my birthday. I felt so loved and cared for ... truly and deeply nourished. It was a magical day and my time with you was truly sacred. Thank you for your presence of dedication. It is an honor to know you both."

Rainey, Yoga Instructor
Seattle, WA

"Sarah - I wanted to thank you again for the gift of a massage you gave me yesterday. I felt the afterglow, warmth and spiritual balance for over an hour after the massage.  My partner even commented on how vibrant and healthy I looked. You are so wonderful, thank you again!"

Vanessa, Massage Therapist
Seattle, WA


This letter is from a client who came to a Pancha Karma retreat at Shady Grove in Onalaska, WA.....
Dear Sarah and Annie,
It has been several days since completing Pancha Karma and the difference it has made in my well being is truly remarkable. I first want to acknowledge you for your high level of professionalism and depth of knowledge of your subject --- I was very much impressed.
Generally I can tell you I am a new person. I have been told by friends that I look like I am “youthing” rather than “aging” and I look at least 10 years younger. This was unexpected, thank you. More specifically, so far I have noticed the following changes:
  • My eyesight is once again clear and crisp and I use my reading glasses less and less.
  • My sinuses are completely clear and remain so. This is a big deal for me because for a long time, I have had background congestion and it is now gone.
  • My lung capacity has noticeably increased and the yoga you taught me is keeping my breathing, lung capacity and general flexibility in top shape.
  • I suffered from a lot of back and neck stiffness that was restricting my movements. All of that is entirely gone and has not returned. This was a very big deal with me and a huge win to have it handled. Thank you.
  • I feel totally rejuvenated, in both mind and body, with more energy and ease of movements as well as noticeable increased awareness and thinking abilities. This was a bit of a surprise and unexpected but it clearly improved.
There is no amount of money I could pay you for the value you have given me in the quality of life. The value of things like this cannot be fully measured in gold so I will simply say thank you and know you have my full respect, gratitude and love.
Jim D. Thiemens
P.S. – I’ll see you next year for another round!